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Heavenly Healing

White and Gold Meditating Buddha

White and Gold Meditating Buddha

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Infuse your space with the sublime presence of our Small Gold Meditating Buddha Statue, gracefully draped in a pure white cloth, and adorned with the Ushnisha atop his head. This meticulously crafted statue embodies the serenity and enlightenment of Buddha. The white cloth symbolizes purity and spirituality, while the gold finish adds an opulent touch, creating a captivating and spiritually resonant focal point. Whether gracing your meditation space or enhancing your home decor, this Buddha statue serves as a visual reminder to cultivate mindfulness, inner peace, and a deep connection to the divine. Its elegant design and profound symbolism make it a cherished piece that brings an atmosphere of tranquility and spiritual enrichment to your surroundings.

*13 cm*
*once off*

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