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Heavenly Healing

Spray - Archangel Michael

Spray - Archangel Michael

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Invoke the protective and empowering presence of Archangel Michael with our Archangel Michael Spray, a celestial blend infused with essential oils and Reiki healing energy to shield, purify, and strengthen your spiritual path. Named after the Archangel of protection and courage, this spray creates a powerful energetic barrier around you, promoting safety, strength, and courage in the face of challenges. Its harmonious blend of essential oils and Reiki energy works synergistically to cleanse and fortify your energy field, allowing you to release fear and negativity while embracing the protective embrace of Archangel Michael. Spray this celestial essence and feel the empowering energies of Archangel Michael enveloping you, supporting your spiritual journey, and providing the strength and guidance needed to overcome obstacles and thrive in your soul's mission.
*100 ml*

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