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Heavenly Healing

Obsidian Arrow Heads, Mahogany

Obsidian Arrow Heads, Mahogany

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Mahogany Obsidian arrowheads are revered for their healing and spiritual attributes, embodying the grounding energies of Obsidian with the added warmth and stability associated with the mahogany coloration. These arrowheads are believed to possess a strong protective quality, shielding against negative energies and psychic attacks while assisting in releasing emotional blockages and past traumas. They're often used in energy work to cut ties to negative influences and promote a sense of stability and strength. Spiritually, Mahogany Obsidian arrowheads are seen as powerful tools for grounding and connecting with the earth, enhancing resilience and inner strength. Their sharp edges symbolize clarity and direction, aiding in meditation practices, and assisting individuals in aligning with their purpose, making decisive choices, and navigating their spiritual path with steadfastness and courage.

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*5 grams*

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