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Heavenly Healing

Kyanite Blue

Kyanite Blue

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Elevate your spiritual journey with Blue Kyanite, a captivating crystal that harmonises beauty and profound energy. With its striking blue hues resembling a serene sky, this gem resonates with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, enhancing communication, intuition, and inner vision. Blue Kyanite is a powerful tool for meditation and energy work, promoting clarity, truth, and emotional healing. Its smooth energy soothes the spirit, inviting calmness, balance, and alignment with one's higher self. Whether worn as jewellery or used during meditation, Blue Kyanite empowers you to embrace a life filled with authentic expression, intuitive insight, and spiritual growth, all encapsulated within its timeless beauty.

*R25 per piece*
*15 - 25 grams*

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