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Heavenly Healing

Kyanite Black Blade

Kyanite Black Blade

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Discover the mystical allure of Black Kyanite, a captivating crystal renowned for its grounding energy and spiritual properties. With its sleek, black blades resembling a mystical sword, Black Kyanite resonates with the Root Chakra, offering protection, stability, and grounding. This powerful crystal is a natural energy cleanser, sweeping away negative energies and aligning the chakras, ensuring a smooth flow of energy throughout the body. Black Kyanite encourages self-discovery, inner balance, and spiritual growth, making it an ideal companion for meditation and energy work. Whether carried as a talisman or displayed in your sacred space, Black Kyanite invites you to embrace a life filled with protection, clarity, and transformative spiritual experiences.

*R70 per piece*
*20 grams*

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