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Heavenly Healing

Aventurine Green Tumbled

Aventurine Green Tumbled

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Embrace the soothing and empowering energy of Green Aventurine, a captivating crystal that harmonises natural beauty with profound spiritual depth. With its lush green hues resembling the tranquility of nature, this gem resonates with the Heart Chakra, inviting love, compassion, and emotional healing into your life. Green Aventurine encourages personal growth, courage, and abundance, making it an ideal companion for meditation and manifestation. This crystal acts as a gentle healer, purifying the heart and offering emotional balance and inner peace. Whether worn as jewellery or displayed in your sacred space, Green Aventurine invites you to experience the serenity of nature, fostering a sense of harmony, love, and spiritual growth.

*R15 per piece*
*20 grams*

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